Thursday, February 17, 2011

America's Best Dos & Don'ts Fashion:

America's Best Dos & Don'ts Fashion:

Stop! Thief! This is pop sensation Rihanna dressed like a cat burglar from an 80s movie. I have to commend Rihanna for her choice in canine accessory though. The toy Wookie makes a bold and daring statement. Unfortunately, that statement is “I should have robbed a better pet store.”
                                        "We Just Love These Booties"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring 2011 shoes fashion trends: Sneak Peek

Feminine likes to dominate the runways in the spring and 2011 is no exception. Look into the crystal ball and see what's ahead for spring 2011 shoe fashion.
          Spring 2011 shoe fashion trends: Sneak Peek
Architectural Influences - From Art Deco inspired straps to structured heels, form dominates shoe fashion trends for Spring 2011. After a small move away from chunky heels, they are back in vogue for Spring 2011.
Multi-Colored Patterns - say hello to more multi-colored shoes, as women continue to economize, the fashion world responds. When one pair of shoes contains four to five colors, it's easier to extend the mileage on that one pair of shoes.
Lots of Textures with weaves, points, rosettes
Multiple Straps - variations on the birdcage shoe showing a move away from the gladiator sandal look that has dominated in the past couple of seaons.
Multiple Buckles - The multiple buckles go along with the multiple straps. When there is only one buckle, expect to see a larger than average buckle.
Extra Long Laces - Tightly criss-crossed laces make their way over feet and up heels, not just up the ankle and calf.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OPI Texas Nail Polish Collection-Spring/Summer 2011

Hey Ladies,
                   Here are some promo pics and information from the new OPI Texas Collection.

OPI Texas Nail Polish Collection for Spring – Summer 2011

o       Don’t Mess With OPI - A lean, mean, kick-grass forest green.
o       Austin-Tatious TurquoiseCowgirls love this bodacious blue-green.
o       It’s Totally Fort-Worth ItA shimmery lavender grey that’s so worthy of you.
o       Do You Think I’m Tex-y? A “berry” sexy bloom of Dallas Dahlia.
o       I Vant To Be A-Lone StarYou won’t want to share this starry Texas-sky blue.
o       Houston We Have A PurpleA galactic red-violet that’s ready to “rocket-roll”!
o       Suzi Loves CowboysBut she loves this campfire chocolate shade s’more!
o       San Tan-tonioA “honey” of a ten-gallon tan!
o       Too Hot Pink To Hold ‘EmA red-hot pink-red that deals a winning hand.
o       Guy Meets Gal-vestonAn “engaging” coastal coral.
o       Y’all Come Back Ya Hear?This Texas tangerine will be waitin’ for ya!
o       Big Hair Big Nails - A rosy pageant peach.
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