Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chanel Moments!

Shoes can make a girl feel like she won the lottery or even give her more confidence in herself by standing tall among others. I love to have new pair shoes that nobody has and they would be staring at me like where did she get them, imma be still standing and give them the look you can't have them! Lol

A smile can change your mood from being sad. You can not be depressed and stressed from anything that does not go your way. Don't be a bump on a log, try to stay postive for yourself. Believe me or not but once you smile, I bet you'll be relieve from all that negative energy that tries to come in your way. When you smile, you make everyone smile:)

I like to always have a hour to myself because I'm able to get know who I am as a person. I would sit and read books and write about what I've read. Then I compare them to my everyday life and see if my priorities is better than this person that I am reading about. Most of the time yes, but some I can really relate too and say that I understand what their going through in life. I am a person of adventure and want to do many things in my life, but sometimes I feel as though I'm getting anywhere yet. I am taking one step at a time, but when will everything just fall in place, then soon I will be on the right track. Hopefully soon because i feel as though my time is waisting as the day go by.

The world be a better place, if everyone would just stop by being used. People need to stop being taken for granted by others in life, but instead be appreciated for who they are. Love one another and adore each present, until the time is out.



  1. firs pair of shoes= amazing :)


  2. great blog!! lovely shoes
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