Friday, June 24, 2011

Where Have I Been Lately........

Well if you bloggers want to know where have I been lately? I'm attending Regency Beauty Institute and I have been there since the end of last month. I am loving every minute of it, I'm planning to get my career started of this. My passion is to become a Makeup Artist and start traveling the world to meet different people with the same dream as myself. I hope that you guys miss me and sorry for no blogs lately because the schedule I have now is kiotic. Sooner than later I will be posting more info on here and keep bloggers updated on how I'm doing......Love KO-KO


  1. love love this post!!!!

  2. Kelly I love what did with your blog keep it up I am very proud of an young lady like I want to be just like you someone inspiring and a trendsetter!


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