Thursday, April 28, 2011


What Claudia Wore

 "What Claudia Wore" is a site that records the young babysitter's best fashion moments from the book series. For example, "At that meeting she was wearing '50s-style cat's-eye glasses frames, a plastic barrette in the shape of an alligator, a tie-dyed t-shirt, and bell-bottoms." Didn't we spot her in Williamburg last weekend? Would you embrace Claudia's look?

What Denis Wore
Denise Huxtable
Today we are hot for Denise, the undisputed style-star champion of the show, if not in all of television history. (Come on; just try and name someone with more naturally ingrained style gravitas. We dare you.) Denise stole our hearts from the get-go when she tried to knock-off a designer shirt to help little brother Theo impress a date in season one. Her sewing skills may have been lacking, but her own carefully styled outfits (Lisa Bonet wore all of her own clothes for the show) was where she excelled. Lace, fringe, neon, glitter and, later, rastafari punk—Denise embraced all the trends of the 1980s and made them her own. What about you? Would you embrace Denise’s look? 

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