Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nicki Minaj Takes Elle Magazine(Cover & Photospread)

There were plenty of artist that cover Elle Magazine Music Issue, But Nicki Minaj put the icing on the cake. With her simple black hair and fierce outfits, she had to keep it simple for the high fashion photoshoot. I know everyone notice she not wearing her booty pads. I know Nicki butt is fake, but why do she have to go over board.......that's Nicki Minaj for You:) Btw, She looks pretty damn good without them!!!

More Photos from Elle:
Nicki Minaj Elle Magazine 6Nicki Minaj Elle Magazine 5
Nicki Minaj Elle Magazine 4Nicki Minaj Elle Magazine 2


  1. ok your blog is my new obsession! Thanks for the nice comments on mine.... Def following you :)

  2. Love her outfits. Gorgeous shoot too.


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